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Maybe because you’re nutty? Or avoiding something? Perhaps you enjoy the unexpected and slightly bizarre?

Look, I’m really not here to tell you to do anything. I’m in favor of self-selection and consent.

Ampersands & is not about FOMO, urgency, keeping up with anyone, or manipulating your very human desire for connection.

It’s about fun, and art, and doodles, and moving onward and inward.

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Please know all of this is nonsense.* I am playing over here on this substack thingie. The views expressed here are not necessarily my own; I’m just fiddling about, indulging my creativity and giving it a place to go. Nothing I say here should be considered to be anything more than exploration and/or play. I don’t actually believe that Debbie is real, and I’m not advising you to do anything.

*aka Views & Responsibility Disclaimer.

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