Spell it like it sounds: Crick!

[that's why it's called]

Y’all remember what Debbie said about accents, right?

These little “spell it like it sounds” poems, for those of you who’ve never heard me talk, are all in my native accent of Appalatchin… but maybe just a tad bit extra. Like, if I’ve had half a glass of wine and am on the phone with my sister. (If I’ve had an entire glass of wine, I’m likely to be dead. Hashtag lightweight probs.)

Me + a splash of wine + my sister = those “I” sounds getting real long, and the word “cake” taking on an additional 1.5 syllables.

In the spirit of celebrating language and lightness, I bring you:

the crick

windin-est water you ever seen

cuts serpentine swaths midst all this green

go gather up your frins & kin

and see if y’all kin count

each wavy churn & hairpin turn

to what does it amount?

your heads spin like to make you sick

you rub your necks, that does the trick

and thus you learn -

that’s why it’s called a crick!

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